3 years ago, the company I was working for, Bitnami, was acquired by VMware. As a worker, going through a company acquisition is a roller coaster experience. You see team mates leaving, the focus changes, old projects are closed, and new ones emerge.

During these 3 years, I have been working on VMware Application Catalog. This was a fascinating challenge. I may highlight some of the responsibilities I took during this time:

  • Conceptualizing and designing the first versions
  • Leading the UI development
  • Filling the gap between the product and design teams, and engineering
  • Enabling the collaboration with other teams
  • Etc

However, if I need to highlight just one thing from this experience, it would be the team. We learned together, grew personally and professionally, supported each other, built a product, and provided value to our customers. I'll miss working with them a lot.

Why a change?

You may not know me, but I'm a curious person. Even though my focus is on the UI, I enjoyed working on APIs, Kubernetes, Monitoring, and other topics during this time. When working on a product, new features require all your attention, and the time to explore new things is drastically reduced.

Since last year, I've been missing exploring and learning new things. In addition to that, the new challenges and the next steps for the product were not very aligned with my personal goals. So, after giving some time to myself, I decided it was the moment for a change.

What's next?

This is the exact question I asked myself at the beginning of this year. Then, I started looking for a position that offered me time to explore, discover, build, succeed and fail quickly.

Fortunately, the tech industry has a vast set of available roles. Considering those goals, I found three main areas that fit my wishlist in different grades:

  • Developer Experience (DX)
  • Developer Advocacy
  • Innovation

Without pressure, I could take the time to look for opportunities in different companies. All the interview processes were quite well, and I had a chance to meet amazing people.

So, what's next?

My next chapter is WASM!

After some thoughtful days, I decided to join the Office of the CTO (OCTO) team in VMware 🥳! I will work with Daniel and Jesus on WebAssembly (WASM). Our goal is to learn, build projects, share knowledge and explore the potential of WASM. A perfect mix for this new chapter.

I'm really excited about this new adventure. You can expect much more activity around.

See you all! 👋

PS: We're hiring 😉